Tier 1 Citizen Training

The Bag Gun

TBG will show you where fantasy meets reality in your active killer setup. This class focuses on how best to use the combination of PDW and concealment bag. TBG places emphasis on learning how to use your setup while on the move. TBG incorporates purposeful movement to help drive the point home that there's no such thing as using your pistol to fight your way back to your rifle. The fight begins and ends with what you have with you. 

CCW - Now What?

CNW covers the essentials of responsibly using and incorporating a firearm into your life. The pace of this course is set by the class's ability to progress as a group. In other circles this class would be known as "Handgun 1" so if you think you need the basics - you probably do. This is the class I wish I'd had access to when I first started out. I guarantee that you'll leave this class a far better shooter than when you arrived.

Fighting Through Injury

FTI is a physically demanding course focusing on the combative application of firearms, while contending with various simulated injuries. FTI will teach you how to use objects around you to overcome an injury, and keep you in the fight. The neurologist’s ethos says "the neurons that fire together, wire together.” FTI brings that ethos to life. Fight the enemy, not the injury.  


VCQC is a fast paced course focused on fighting around vehicles. Modern vehicles are designed to absorb damage, making them the ideal ablative armor. VCQC covers hard points, trajectory, glass ballistics, proper evacuation, shooting around occupants, clothing/footwear, the fighting stance, and shooting positions.

Close Quarters Handgun

CQH focuses on the combative application of the handgun, while on the move. There is no such thing as a static gunfight, so train accordingly. CQH focuses on the precepts of OODA, and Fingerspitzengefühl, A.K.A maneuver warfare. CQH throws out a lot of the gentrified "rules" of gunfighting and offers a more austere look through the lens of reality.  

PDW Operator

PDWO has historically had a very narrow definition. Unarguably, it now applies to the new generation of AR-Pistols and their operators. Few instructors have the pedigree of working with PDW’s that T1C does. PDW’s are weapons meant for working in the realm of CQC. They excel at aiding the operator in maintaining an "on target, on trigger" status at all times. You'll see what I mean during this class. 

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