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Close Quarters Handgun

Close Quarters Handgun focuses on the combative application of the handgun, while on the move. There is no such thing as a static gunfight, so train accordingly. CQH focuses on the precepts of OODA, and Fingerspitzengefühl, A.K.A maneuver warfare. CQH throws out a lot of the gentrified "rules" of gunfighting and offers a more austere look through the lens of reality.  

David's Mighty Men

David’s Mighty Men were known for being relentless in combat; so relentless, in fact, that their exploits were recorded in the Holy Bible. Today’s Mighty Men must be skilled in multiple disciplines, and must possess the willingness to face death, and prevail. DMM focuses on the skill sets needed to prevail against an active killer in the church setting. Bad things happen in nice places - so be prepared.

PDW Operator

PDWO focuses on the new generation of pistol based, shoulder fired, weapons that are now coming into their own. PDW’s are weapons meant for working in the realm of CQC. PDWO teaches the student how to exploit the capabilities of these unique weapons. PDWO couples movement based drills, and rapid fire scenarios that emphasize the ability that PDW’s hold to go places, and do things that rifles can’t.

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