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T1C Training Services

Basic Handgun


Basic Handgun is a must have course for new shooters who intend on keeping a handgun for self defense. Subjects covered: getting past the fear factor, choosing the correct handgun for your lifestyle, optics Y/N, sights, fighting stance, malfunction clearance, holsters, drawing and holstering, cleaning and maintenance, shooting on the move, working from cover. This is the course that you need if you want to introduce yourself and your family to handguns. 

Basic Rifle


Basic Rifle was born out of conversations  with clients who are looking for beginner level instruction. Subjects covered: getting past the fear factor, how to set up your rifle, optics, sights, shooting stance, malfunction clearance, sling use, weapon lights, cleaning and maintenance, shooting on the move, precision shooting, and various shooting positions. If you are a beginner then this is the class for you. If you put in the work you'll leave this class with a solid confidence in your abilities. 

PDW Operator


PDWO focuses on the new generation of pistol based, shoulder fired, weapons that are now coming into their own. PDW’s are weapons meant for working in the realm of CQC. PDWO teaches the student how to exploit the capabilities of these unique weapons. PDWO couples movement based drills with rapid fire scenarios that emphasize the ability of these types of  weapons to go places and do things that rifles can’t.

Fighting Through Injury


Fighting Through Injury is a mentally challenging course focusing on the combative application of firearms, while contending with various simulated injuries. FTI will teach you how to use objects around you to overcome an injury, and keep you in the fight. The neurologist’s ethos says "the neurons that fire together, wire together.” FTI brings that ethos to life. Fight the enemy, not the injury.  

Close Quarters Handgun


CQH focuses on the rapid and accurate application of the handgun in confined spaces. Particular focus is placed on learning how to transition quickly from shot to shot, while remaining on the move. Asymmetrical warfare is our present truth and the Tier 1 Citizen must learn when and how to apply appropriate violence so as to end inappropriate violence. Shooting on the move is heavily stressed in CQH.

Vehicle CQC


VCQC is a fast paced course focused on the use of firearms in and around vehicles. Modern vehicles are designed to absorb damage, making them the ideal ablative armor. VCQC will teach you proper evacuation techniques from the vehicle, where the hard points are on a vehicle, shooting around occupants, defeating airbag sensors, clothing/footwear, the fighting stance, and shooting positions.

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