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The "Why?" Behind Tier 1 Citizen

Before I ask you to spend your hard earned money with Tier 1 Citizen I think it's important that you know what you'll be getting.  

The "Why?" behind what I do is based on how much I've seen, absorbed, and experienced.  I am a forever student and teach with a student-centric approach.  My training resume is expansive and absolute, and you'll notice that it does not include a single class or instructor's certificate from the NRA or any other self proclaimed "authority" as the keepers of the Second Amendment.  

My knowledge is based on the fact that to date I've attended 61 courses (and counting) in varying disciplines to include weapons employment, CQC, dignitary protection, hostage negotiations, team tactics, structure clearing, reactive shooting, precision rifle, and tactical medicine.  My focus at this time is solely on handgun instruction because it is the primary weapon for the Tier 1 Citizen.  It is also the most difficult of all weapons to reach and maintain competency on.  Let's get to work!

Firearms Instruction

T1C Shoot-N-Scoot


(1 Day / Handgun / 500 Rounds)

Shoot-N-Scoot (SNS) is a class which will vary in skill sets and will never repeat itself.  SNS offers fresh instruction which will incorporate movement based drills.  Since this is a one day class, instruction will cut right to the chase and will be far more direct than you ever thought it could be.  The truth is that learning firearms isn't all that difficult once you get past the fear factor of pulling the trigger and dealing with the "bang!"  The focus of SNS is to teach students to safely draw from a concealed holster, move, shoot, and do so safely - and have fun while learning. 

Training Calendar

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