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Wise men make more opportunities than they find. ~Francis Bacon

Who is T1C?

My name is Abner Miranda, and I'm a former cop of six years.  Ok, now that that's out of the way, allow me to say that being a former cop has no bearing on who I am as an instructor or builder of precision AR-15's.  I've been instructing friends, family, and fellow cops since 2010, and have been building my own AR-15's since 2001.  Few persons in the firearms industry posses a training resume as diverse as mine.  The lessons I've learned on how to build great AR-15's come from my experience in running them harder than they should ever be run.  A lot of that came from a need to fulfill my own curiosity of just how much is too much before a weapon fails.  I can tell you that the AR-15, when built correctly, is capable of taking far more hard use than can be expected from most any user.  Also, these weapons can outperform our ability to hold them still.  If you can see it, you can hit it with a modern AR-15. 

I've attended classes where windshield glass, mud, and blood ended up on and inside of my weapons.  These were classes that tested me so deeply that I would get back home and immediately take apart the rifle with the intent to cut weight and further focus the weapon's performance capabilities.  Those are the experiences that I engineer into each weapon I build.  The "why" behind why I choose a simple components over a complicated one is born out of watching things fail.  Whether those failures were mine or someone else's, I paid very close attention. 

Tier 1 Citizen weapons are made for real-world use.  Get them out, shoot them, get them dirty, and enjoy yourself.  You only go around once in life, have fun!

In a gunfight you can't miss fast enough to win ~Dennis Tueller