Q: Why Should I Train With You?

A: Because I've made it a point to train with multiple instructors in a wide variety of disciplines. Crisis Negotiators Training (FBI), Tactical Defense Institute (John Benner), Lighthorse Tactical (Curt Carpenter), Tactical Response (James Yeager), Vickers Tactical (Larry Vickers), Way of the Gun (Frank Proctor), Executive Resources International (David Sowder), Handgun Combatives (Dave Spaulding), High Caliber Training (Craig Sawyer), Sentinel Concepts (Steve Fisher), Sparrow Defense (Clark Sparrow), Centrifuge Training (Will Petty), Wartac CQC (Richard Nance), Hugh "Uncle Hugh" Coffee (Ditch Medicine), Chris Costa (Costa Ludus) Talon Defense (Chase Jenkins).

Q: Why don't you offer Law Enforcement or Military discounts?

A: My focus is on the legally armed citizen - hence the name of this company "Tier 1 Citizen." If the focus of everything I do is on the citizenry, what kind of a message am I sending by giving LE/MIL discounts? To do so is to say that cops and soldiers are special people who deserve a discount above "regular people." Yeah, that'd be kind of hypocritical. Offering discounts is disrespectful to the citizenry, and propagates the mooch mentality in our cops and soldiers.

Having been a cop I know quite well that we cops always seem to allocate funds to spend on the things we want. The hard truth is that If you’re LE/MIL you need to learn how to use the weaponry you've been entrusted with. LE/MIL isn't a job, it's a way of life. If the regular guys and galls are dedicating themselves to mastering their weapons at their expense, it's only reasonable that we cops and soldiers should do the same. 

Q: Why Do You Build Your Own Rifles?

A: There's very little on the market that really blows my skirt up anymore. I like building with barrels from Ballistic Advantage mostly. I also like the sporter uppers from Anderson Manufacturing because they're simple and lightweight. I'm a creature of habits born out of many years of doing overly Gucci rifles that constantly left me hanging. Now I build what I know will work regardless of what the latest industry trends are.

I also like Geissele triggers because they're Mil/Spec reliable with a performance feel. I've often said that the trigger is the bio-mechanical interface to the inner-workings of the rifle. Without a great trigger you're just applying pressure and guessing when the shot will break. 

When I lay out a rifle on paper I follow one simple rule. I always remind myself that "Simple Is Good." If I keep that in the foreground, I can't go wrong. 

Q: Why do you like SBR's so much?

A: Over a decade ago I began working with short barreled rifles. I spent a lot of time on the range testing all of the myths surrounding these weapons and kept disproving them. I'd heard that they were inaccurate, were incapable of delivering long range shots without the round "keyholing," and were just about useless in a fight. Not only have I disproven these claims; the fact that AR-15 "pistols" have become as prominent as they are shows that I'm not the only one that sees the potential in these variants. I look forward to the day that the Hughes Amendment is done away with and SBR's are nothing more than just another option for when you chose to buy, or build your blaster.  

Q: Why do you always close your videos with "God bless you all?"

A: I chose to start doing that a couple of years ago in direct defiance of the God hating agendas that I saw forming in this nation. Obama did a bang-up job of turning our nation on its ear. The out of control violence in our streets is proof of what happens when a nation tells God to take a hike. Quickly is approaching the day when right becomes wrong, and evil is called good. It seems that the only time one can now speak the name of God, or Jesus, is with a curse word attached to them. Not only is that sacrilegious, it's also blatantly suicidal! To thumb your nose at God is to say "nah, I really don't need your protection from day to day, so leave me alone!" Coincidentally that's what we're doing as a nation. We've collectively turned our backs on God and told him to take a hike. God loves us, all of us, and because God is love he is choosing to not force himself on us, and is doing exactly what we're telling him to do - he is leaving us...alone. Our actions have consequences, and we're reaping what we've sown as a nation. It's painful to have to say these things but there it is - truth is painful! 

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. 

~Winston Churchill

So we may boldly say: the Lord is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me? ~Hebrews 13:06

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