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At T1C our focus is meeting the needs of the private citizen. We teach that the private citizen is the true first responder. Recognizing this fact means that we must pour our knowledge into the citizens first. We're looking to host classes at facilities that espouse these views. 

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About T1C

My name is Abner Miranda (T1C), and I'm a former cop of six years. Ok, now that that's out of the way, allow me to say that being a former cop has no bearing on who I am as an instructor. 

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Courses Offered

Training should be challenging, meaningful, and when done correctly

 it should also be fun. T1C is 

focused on preparing citizens to 

be effective first responders. 

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Our Experience

T1C is a trainer, consultant, media contributor, and a weapons manufacturer. A good instructor should always expect the challenge 

"why should I train with you?"

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We the citizens are the true first responders. Training with this in mind lends sobering focus. ~T1C